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Every software engineer questions their contribution at some point in time. Let’s find out what they do.

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When I was a software engineer, there were many instances when my team had to work long hours, including weekends, to complete project commitments. In every such situation, I had this thought that why can’t the company fire my manager and hire three more software engineers instead. …

Switching career from a Techie to a Manager

Learnings that can help you succeed faster in the new role

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Management is complex and this is the fact that does not change whether you are talking about people management, technology management, product management, or general management. Every manager goes through a journey and it continues as long as they are in this role as no amount of lessons are enough…

5 types of engineering managers and a few ways to connect with them

People meeting
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Managers play an important role in shaping the work culture of not only their team but the whole organization.

In the early part of my career, I had frequent job switches (which was a trend back then) and in the process worked for many startups as well as consulting firms…

Engineering Managers

Find out how people-pleaser managers impact their workplace

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All managers and especially managers in the technology world have a tough job with a lot of expectations. They are expected to excel on multiple fronts — deal with super-smart techies, handle clients, and create reports for executives, etc, etc. In trying to juggle too many things, some managers start…

When and how to engage Outsourcing/Consulting partners to scale Engineering capacity

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Whether a Startup with the next big thing in the making or an established corporate, most companies struggle when it comes to scaling their engineering teams quickly. The simple reason is that building an efficient engineering team is a complex process that takes time. …

One of these may be a reason why your undeserving coworker got a better rating than you

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Even after so many studies and research, performance reviews remain one of the most stressful activities for most workers (including the ones in the management role). Even though managers try their best to do unbiased and honest performance reviews, there are still instances when deserving individuals get overlooked for better…

Learnings from my experience while working with remote engineering teams in several countries across Asia & Europe.

Working with remote teams has always been challenging and even though technology improvements have helped, there are still a lot of factors involved. This article is targeted towards software product teams looking to scale at another location.

Usually, when a new engineer joins a team, a whole onboarding process is…

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